Our goal is to create a pipeline of diverse talent who can serve in management, board, and executive roles.

The Issue

Asian American and minorities have made significant gains and achievements in the past few decades, including academic success, high-paying jobs and high household income. But how successful are they at achieving leadership and management roles in the private and public sector?

Asian American and minority professionals may spend over $100,000 on higher education and are high achievers in entry level professional jobs. However, how much have they invested in leadership development? Their job satisfaction and career advancement continue to stall as they climb the leadership ladder.


Asian-American and minority high-tech workers in Silicon Valley grew from 38% in 2000 to 50% in 2010, yet still only represent 11% of senior executive teams.

Across the U.S., over 50 Asian American and minority executives lost their corporate job in the past year, and only four were filled by other Asian Americans.

Between 2010 and 2016, the representation of Asian American and minorities on corporate boards is still very low (3.1 percent, or 167 out of 5,440 total board seats).


Asian American Professional Association’s (AAPA) programs have delivered results for the past 19 years. We are geared to address the diversity challenges in Corporate America, and to promote, inspire and develop Asian American and minority professionals to maximize their leadership potential towards leadership and management positions.

Mentoring and leadership training are the most effective and direct learning tools for individuals to change or advance their career. Participants receive mentoring and expert guidance to prepare them for executive, management, and nonprofit board roles.

Instead of one-time events or one-time mentoring, our year-long structured programs build a solid foundation of leadership, help build trust between mentor and mentee, provide ongoing support, and opportunities to apply lessons learned in the classroom.

Life at AAPA


  • one-on-one mentoring
  • nonprofit board internship
  • leadership workshops
  • learning hubs
  • speaker sessions
  • professional networking
  • opportunities to share experiences and knowledge as a Mentor

Our Commitments:

  • promoting leadership development
  • leading as role models
  • maintaining integrity
  • providing career-related support
  • encouraging diversity and inclusion
  • building a supportive community
  • developing quality and impactful programs
Roger Cheng

Through AAPA, you gain access to a variety of mentors and leaders who are willing to help you succeed in any endeavor. They know how to help get you to that next level, and know the strategies to advance your career. AAPA gave me the extra boost of confidence that I needed to expand my horizons and to succeed.


Director of Business Development & Diversity Relations,
CB Technologies, Inc.

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