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Mentorship Program
The Mentorship Program is for professionals seeking to change and/or advance their careers, and move up the pipeline into management and executive roles.
Get matched with a mentor
Receive access to three Learning Hubs and three Workshops
Network with the AAPA community
Program year: February - December
Board Leadership Program
The Board Leadership Program is for professionals seeking to join a nonprofit board and/or learn how to become a more impactful board member.
Enhance your nonprofit board leadership skills
Contribute your knowledge and give back to the community
Deepen your professional connections
Program year: April - December
Volunteer Mentor Program
The Mentor Program is for managers and executives who are passionate about developing leaders, are exemplary role models, and have demonstrated leadership in business, management, and/or community services.
Give back and inspire the next generation.
Share your knowledge and experiences.
Be a part of AAPA's growing community.
Program year: February - December