Develop practical skills, knowledge, and networks to be an effective nonprofit board member and inspired leader in the community.

About the Board Leadership Program


Be part of a pipeline of diverse and talented leaders and board members who are serving the needs of the nonprofit community.


Contribute your knowledge, resources, and /or networks to the nonprofit, and challenge yourself to contribute in other ways.


Deepen your connections with nonprofit and community leaders, and with like-minded peers and board members.

The BLP (Board Leadership Program), in partnership with APCF (Asian Pacific Community Fund), responds to the need for greater API and minority representation on nonprofit boards by developing a pipeline of diverse leaders who can provide strategic resources and expertise to strengthen the nonprofit. Participants gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a board member, and have the opportunity to join a board after completing an internship.

Meet the BLP Leadership Team

  • Andrew Cheung

    Andrew Cheung


  • Christine Najung Lee

    Christine Lee


  • Michael Lee

    Michael Lee


Andrew Cheung

Andrew Cheung


Andrew Cheung is currently Cap and Trade Program Manager for Southern California Gas Company and manages the customer and governance aspects of the greenhouse gas reduction program for the largest natural gas utility in the nation. He was previously Senior Commercial Counsel for the utility and provided legal advice to key departments including Gas Operations, Customer Solutions, and Supply Management. Mr. Cheung has negotiated a wide variety of transactions in renewable technologies, clean transportation, and energy efficiency. Prior to joining SoCalGas, he was Associate General Counsel for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Attorney for Southern California Edison Company. Mr. Cheung holds a BA degree in Economics and East Asian Studies from Yale University and a JD from the UCLA School of Law.

Christine Najung Lee

Christine Lee


Christine Najung Lee is Development Manager at APCF (Asian Pacific Community Fund) and oversees the organization’s Asian & Pacific Islander (API) nonprofit sector capacity building programs, grants management, volunteer program as well as other resource development programs. Previously, she served as Marketing Manager in overseeing APCF’s communications, marketing strategies, event planning, and media relations. With over a decade of experience in the API nonprofit field, she has served at various Los Angeles-based organizations, including the Koreatown Youth & Community Center, Little Tokyo Service Center, Asian & Pacific Islander Older Adults Task Force, and a community health clinic in Koreatown. In addition to program management experience in public health, community outreach, cultural competency, youth leadership development, and community organizing, Ms. Lee has a background in journalism, with a feature article having won the New American Award. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership as well as the Adventist Health White Memorial Community Leadership Council, and was formerly on the Wilshire Center-Koreatown Neighborhood Council. She holds a Master of Social Welfare as well as a bachelor’s degree in English and Asian American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Michael Lee

Michael Lee


Michael Lee is the Clean Transportation Research, Development, and Demonstration Project Manager, at SoCalGas. The main focus of his area is to develop and demonstrate new technologies for clean transportation including Near Zero Emissions Engines, CNG hybrid vehicles, low pressure and conformable CNG storage tanks and natural gas infrastructure. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and has worked in various industries including entertainment, finance, telecommunications, and energy efficiency.


The BLP program consists of four workshops and an executive panel.

  • Workshop topics include: advocacy, Asian & Pacific Islander community, board governance, leadership challenges, evaluations, finance, fundraising, marketing, meeting management, and strategic planning.
  • The executive panel is comprised of business and nonprofit leaders sharing their experiences about leading and serving on nonprofit boards

Apply what you learn in the BLP classroom to the nonprofit board room. During the 6-month program, you will have the opportunity to intern with a non-profit board. You will attend regular board meetings and have the chance to observe what it really takes to be a board member.

After completing your internship, you have the option to choose if you would like to join the nonprofit as a board member. If there is a match, you will join the board as an official member. The following nonprofits have accepted BLP participants for board placements: AAPA (Asian American Professional Association), FACE (Faith Action for Community Equity), AYC (Asian Youth Center), PACS (Pacific Asian Counseling Services), ThaiCDC (Thai Community Development Center), and more!

As a participant, you have the opportunity to meet and connect with nonprofit leaders, business leaders, mentors, speakers, alumni and peers.

Participants who have attended a minimum of five out of six sessions and participate in a nonprofit board internship (if not already a board member) are eligible to graduate at the end-of-year graduation gala.

Who should join?

The Board Leadership Program is ideal for professionals with 5+ years of experience. You may already be serving on (or seek to join) a nonprofit board. You are a high-caliber and resourceful professional, and you seek to make an impact in the community. Learn more and apply below.

Upcoming Events

Hear experts from nonprofit organizations and corporations on topics such as finance, fundraising, governance, marketing, strategic management, and more.

  • SESSIONS #1 & #2 | SATURDAY, 4/17/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSIONS #3 & #4 | SATURDAY, 5/15/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSION #5 & #6 | SATURDAY, 07/17/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSION #7 & #8 | SATURDAY, 8/21/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSIONS #9 & #10 | SATURDAY, 09/18/2021 | Virtual Session

Nonprofit Partners

Past Speakers

Congratulations 2020 Board Leadership Program participants!

2020 Board Leadership Program

We are so proud of each of you! You are amazing for embracing all the changes we have been experiencing in 2020 and remaining dedicated to actively participate in the BLP activities, even though everything has gone virtual.

May the experiences and skills you’ve developed throughout the BLP 6-month program serve you well as you continue your journey as community leaders.

Thank you Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF), Andrew Cheung, Michael Lee, Christine Lee

Thank you to all of the speakers, corporate partners, and non-profit partners for your continued support. BLP wouldn’t be able to deliver the enriched experiences it has been producing without you.

Are you looking to join a non-profit board or to enhance your skills as an existing non-profit board member?

Visit for more information about the Board Leadership Program (BLP) and how you may sign up for our 2021 cohort!

Rosalind Lu_testimonial

BLP’s training program provided a unique perspective and helped me understand what it takes to serve on a non-profit board. I was very fortunate to be placed with AAPA as an intern, where I gained hands-on experience of how board meetings were conducted. Now, as an official board member, I am supported and mentored by seasoned members, and challenged to do more.

Board Leadership Program FAQs

  • WHO: Open to professionals at junior, mid, and advanced career levels who seek to serve as a board member in a nonprofit organization, and/or learn how to be a more effective board member.
    • Everyone is encouraged to apply.
    • AAPA will not discriminate due to an applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin and veteran or disability status.
  • WHAT: A 6-month leadership development program that provides diverse professionals with the skills, knowledge and networks to be an effective nonprofit board member.   
  • WHEN: Program runs on Saturdays (except for Executive Panel) from April to September each year
  • WHERE: Events will be held at Monterey Park, CA

  • The application period is open December to February of each year.
  • Regular: $399(applications received before the application deadline)

Submit your email in the form below to be notified when the application period opens up.

  • SESSIONS #1 & #2 | SATURDAY, 4/17/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSIONS #3 & #4 | SATURDAY, 5/15/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSION #5 & #6 | SATURDAY, 07/17/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSION #7 & #8 | SATURDAY, 8/21/2021 | Virtual Session
  • SESSIONS #9 & #10 | SATURDAY, 09/18/2021 | Virtual Session

To be an effective and impactful board member, it requires strong foundational knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a board member, experience, and a good understanding of the needs of the organization. If you are looking to join a board, the BLP board internship will give you the right experience.

Participants may intern with a non-profit board during the course of the 6-month program. In the beginning of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet all the participating nonprofits to gauge your interest in interning on their board. If there is a match, you will be invited to join as an intern.

Benefits of internship:

  • Apply what you learn in the classroom to the board room.
  • Attend regular board meetings.
  • Take on any assignments to gain experience.
  • After the internship, if there is mutual agreement, you may be invited to join as an official board member within the nonprofit.

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS: Understand what you want to get out of the program. Developing clear goals and objectives at the beginning will set you up for greater success.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Conduct your research on the program, attend a few events, talk to board leadership participants, alumni, speakers, and mentors.
  3. APPLY: Be as detailed and as specific as possible. The Review Committee wants to know that you are committed to developing yourself, committed to serving the community, and if accepted, that you will be committed to making the most out of the program.

[By the end of February, we will notify all candidates of admission decisions for the program. Payment will be due within two to three weeks after. You will also be asked to provide your information to share with nonprofits for internship matching.]

Board Leadership Program Topics:  

The following will be covered at the sessions:

  • Advocacy: Understand the importance of advocacy to nonprofit success and how to effectively advocate.
  • Finance Management: Determine the financial health of organizations through financial statement analysis.
  • API Community: Take an in-depth look at the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander community, its needs, challenges, and opportunities to serve them.
  • Fundraising: Identify key tools and frameworks to successfully fundraise and establish the role of every board member as a fundraiser.
  • Board Governance: Explore the various roles of the board of directors and why each role is essential to the function of the nonprofit.
  • Marketing & Public Relations: As the steward and representative of the nonprofit, learn how to present, position, and promote the nonprofit.
  • Challenge of Leadership: Discuss the tools and skills for navigating generational, age, and cultural diversity within a board of directors.
  • Meeting Management: This workshop will discuss the basics of Robert’s rules, including facilitation and effective meeting management.
  • Executive Director Evaluation/Care: Recognize the importance of the relationship between the Executive Director and the board, and how to evaluate the Executive Director.
  • Strategic Planning: Learn the importance of long-term strategic planning and how to build consensus among board members for a strategic vision.
  • Executive Session: Hear from business and nonprofit leaders who will share about their personal experiences about leading and serving on nonprofit boards.

To graduate from the AAPA Board Leadership Program (and receive your completion certificate), you will need to fulfill the following program requirements:

  • Event Attendance: Attend a minimum of seven (7) out of nine (9) Board Leadership Sessions. There are 9 total sub-sessions (4 Saturday Sessions + 1 Exec Panel). One (1) sub-session = 2 hours. We highly encourage BLP participants to attend all the sessions.
  • Internship: Participate in an internship with a nonprofit (if you are not already a board member)
  • Volunteer [optional]: Apply your leadership skills as an AAPA Volunteer. Help volunteer for at least one BLP session (e.g. registration, food, A/V).

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