Should I be an AAPA Mentor?

Are you passionate about helping young people to become future leaders? Are you looking to positively impact someone’s life by sharing your experiences and knowledge? Do you want to enhance your own personal growth?

Be a Mentor
Be a Mentor

Who are AAPA Mentors?

AAPA Mentors are successful managers, directors, executives, and diverse role models who help shape young professionals’ careers and provide critical learning and development opportunities.

Mentor Roles

Membership of AAPA Mentoring is voluntary. Mentors are responsible to mentor, coach and support Mentees during the AAPA Mentoring Program. Mentors should possess qualifications that will enable them to make a significant contribution to the Mentoring Program and to the development of Mentees. Mentors will actively participate and support the activities of AAPA Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Committee will evaluate the each candidate’s qualifications in the following areas:

  • Commitment to the cause of promoting the advancement of Asian Americans and AAPA’s
    mission.  Share the values expressed by AAPA’s values and mission statement.
  • Passionate about mentoring Asian American professionals in Corporate America.
  • Participation in AAPA and other Asian American activities and programs.
  • An ability to work as a role model, coach and team player.
  • History of volunteer service to non-profit organizations.
  • Rich life experience and demonstrated leadership in the area of business management, education or community services.
  • Of “good moral character” – maintain good ethnic and character integrity.
  • An ability to bring other substantial resources to AAPA, such as influential connections with potential donors, business or political leaders.

Mentor Responsibilities

Mentoring Meeting Attendance
• Active participation in the Mentoring Program by attending regularly scheduled monthly meetings and major AAPA events.

Develop Mentoring Program Curriculum
• Collaborate and develop Mentoring Program workshops, presentations, training and other mentoring materials. Model personal and organizational development, and provide inspiration and leadership.

Provide Mentoring
• Mentor, coach and support Mentees to develop personal and career gools and to achieve maximum potential. Develop and manage the mentoring relationship with Mentees.  Every Mentor may have a minimum of 1 (one) Mentee each year.
• Active participation of Mentoring Program activities and assignments.

Conduct Mentoring Workshops and Presentations
• Conduct Mentoring workshops and presentations. Participate in workshops and support the workshop presenter. (Attend a minimum of 5 workshops and networking sessions per year)

Networking and Recruiting
• Recruit new Mentors and Mentees.

Support AAPA
• Participate and contribute to AAPA activities.
• Participate in identifying needs and opportunities for advancing the mission of AAPA

Role Model
• Mentors serve as positive examples by virtue of their productive lives and actions.

Nomination and Election Process

  • An existing Mentor must be able to vouch for and nominate a potential Mentor candidate.
  • The Nominator requests the candidate to prepare an Application (see below), a short bio, and a resume for submission to the Mentor Committee.
  • An informal interview of or meeting with the nominee is required. There needs to be fellow mentors present, to establish clear and realistic expectations. Note: This can be done at the Mentor Orientation or at any time prior to the start of the program year.
  • Endorsement from two other mentors is required to approve the nomination.
  • Election of Mentor candidates will be conducted at a scheduled Mentor committee meeting. Note: A simple majority vote is required to elect new Mentors. The sponsoring mentor(s) would be responsible to provide support for the new mentor during the year.


  • Applications are accepted year-round. However, mentor-mentee matches usually occur between February and March each year. If you are accepted as a Mentor after this timeline, it is not guaranteed that you will have a Mentee for that program year. However, we will do our best to match you with future incoming mentees. 
  • There is no term limit on being a Mentor. Renewal occurs at the end of every year.

To apply:

  • Click the purple link below to go to the Membership Plan page >> Click on “Volunteer Mentor Program.” Please fill out the application completely.
  • Please send your resume (PDF preferred) by email to 

Once the above two items are completed, you will be contacted by AAPA regarding your application and any other materials needed. If you have any questions regarding the AAPA Mentoring Program or would like more information, please contact