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AAPA Mentorship Program


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 Mentorship Program.
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WHO: Open to professionals at junior, mid, and advanced career levels, of all ethnic backgrounds, origins and races, and who seek career mobility and inclusion in management and leadership pipelines.

WHAT: A 12-month program that provides diverse professionals with one-on-one mentoring and leadership training, and networking opportunities for career advancement.

WHEN: Program runs from January 2018 to December 2018

WHERE: Events will be held at Rosemead and Pasadena, CA

"AAPA’s one-year mentoring program encourages Mentees to invest their time and intention to continuously improve themselves. This is made possible by the strong network of AAPA Mentors and alumni graduates. "
- AMANDA YIU, Partner Success & Operations Lead, Facebook/AAPA Alumna

"AAPA is a well-structured leadership program with the professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic mentors from many different fields."
- BO LI, Assistant Professor, CalState Los Angeles/Track 1 AAPA Mentee

WHY: Receive the mentorship, guidance, and training for your career mobility and inclusion in management and leadership pipelines. Elevate your potential and productivity. Improve critical leadership and soft skills for career advancement through the management ranks. Become an exemplary leader in the eyes of your manager.

Recommended for professionals with 0-5 years of experience.
This track is designed for individuals who want to develop their professional development skills, and/or advance into positions of greater authority. Emphasis is placed on communications, self-branding, assertiveness, and career development skills.

Recommended for professionals with 5-10 years of experience.
This track is designed for professionals who want to become an effective manager and leader. Emphasis is placed on handling employee relations, manging up and down, creating effective presentations, negotiations, and leading the decision making process.

Recommended for professionals with 8+ years of experience or those who have completed tracks 1 and 2.
This track is designed for managers who seek to advance into senior management/director positions. Emphasis is placed on using leadership to empower employees, influence people and think broadly.

• Everyone is encouraged to apply.
• AAPA will not discriminate due to an applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin and veteran or disability status.

• Take the initiative to meet with your mentor regularly (once every two months is recommended).
• Attend all events (a minimum of two of three Workshops and two of three learning hubs is recommended).
• Volunteer at two (2) AAPA events.

• Thurs, January 25: Introductory Session
• Sat, March 17: Learning Hub #1
• Sat, April 7: Workshop #1
• Thurs, April 26: Learning Hub #2

• Sat, May 19: Workshop #2
• Thurs, Aug 23: Learning Hub #3
• Sat, Sept 15: Workshop #3
• Thurs, December 6: AAPA Graduation Gala

• Early Bird: $350 (applications received before January 1, 2018)
• Regular: $500 (applications received between January 1, 2018 and January 31, 2018)
• Partial scholarships: available for part-time and full-time students.
For more information, email info@aapamentoring.com

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