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Kenji Coleman

Kenji ColemanKenji Coleman

Senior Manager, Transmission Project Management, Southern California Edison

Kenji Coleman is senior manager of Transmission Project Management, in the T&D unit at Southern California Edison (SCE).  He is responsible for customer requested relocation projects. These are typically transportation or land development projects requiring movement of SCE’s electric facilities.  Projects include freeway widening, rail expansion, residential development, and large moves (e.g. Space Shuttle). Mr. Coleman worked at Edison International, and SCE. His experience includes Strategic Business Planning, Audits, Customer Service, Human Resources, Project Management, and District Management (construction crews, yard management, and planning/design).


Kenji is passionate about non-profit service, mentoring, and providing financial education and services to the locally underserved. Volunteer service includes: SCE Federal Credit Union (non-profit, board), Business for Social Responsibility (global non-profit, board), California Governor’s OES (steering committee), and Center for Financial Empowerment (non-profit, board). Kenji graduated magna cum laude from University of Redlands with a bachelor’s in business, and received the Wall Street Journal Business Award). He also graduated among the top 4% of his class at Cal Poly Pomona with a master in business administration.