David Lee

David LeeDavid K. Lee

Project Manager for Configuration and Data Management,  Northrop Grumman Corporation

David K. Lee is the Project Manager for Configuration and Data Management at Northrop Grumman Corporation, providing management support to programs and projects, including Earth Observing System (EOS): Aqua and Aura, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), Advanced Technology Programs (ATP), Advanced Mission Programs (AMP), Space Radar (SR), and Airborne Laser (ABL), among others. He is an engineering professional with extensive experience in configuration and data management as well as project management. He also has a solid background in diversity, engagement and inclusion from his involvement with company employee resource groups.

Mr. Lee holds various executive board member and officer positions with various non-profit organizations supporting the increase in diversity leadership. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling and volunteering in the community. Mr. Lee has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from CSU Northridge and numerous professional certifications.