Board Leadership Program



During the six month program, BLP participants attend workshop sessions and serve as interns on the board of a community non-profit.  The workshop sessions are taught by an expert in that area and provide training on the critical skills and important knowledge to successfully lead a non-profit which the participants could immediately put into practice while interning with an active board. Through the internship experience, the BLP participants gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a board member from active board members.  In addition, there is an opportunity to be placed as a board member of a non-profit after completing the internship.



Opening Session: Saturday, April 15, 2017

Session #2: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Networking Session: June 2017 (TBD)

Session #3: August 12, 2017

Closing Session: September 9, 2017

Dates subject to change.

Meals will be provided during each session.



Southern California Gas Company Learning Center

1801 S. Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA

* Location subject to change



$500 (fee assistance may be available)



Friday, April 7, 2017



In 2015, AAPA, in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF), introduced the inaugural Board Leadership Program (BLP), a new program designed to provide professionals with the skills, networks and training to successfully serve as a board member in a non-profit organization within the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. The BLP trained 12 participants in 2015 and 24 participants in 2016. The BLP is responding to the need for greater representation on boards by Asian Americans and other people of color and is addressing this need by developing a pipeline of board-ready individuals.



The program discusses a variety of topics covering the issues, processes and intricacies faced by the typical nonprofit board:

Advocacy: This workshop will provide an understanding of why advocacy is critical to the success of nonprofit work and train participants to effectively advocate for their nonprofits.

API Community: This workshop will provide an in-depth look at the Asian and Pacific Islander community, its needs and the challenges in serving this incredibly diverse community.

Board Governance: This workshop will provide an overview of the general role of the board of directors and why they are essential to the function of the nonprofit.

Challenge of Leadership: This workshop will discuss tools and skills for navigating generational, age and cultural diversity within a board of directors.

Executive Director Evaluation and Care: This workshop will focus on the importance of the relationship between the Executive Director and the board and provide an overview in evaluating the Executive Director.

Executive Session: This is a special session where participants hear from senior business and non-profit leaders who will share about their personal experiences and advice about leading and serving on nonprofit boards.

Finance Management: Every board member should know how to read a financial statement to determine the financial health of the organization.  This workshop will cover the basics of decoding statements of activity, balance sheets and investment reports.

Fundraising: This workshop will provide tools and framework for successful fundraising events and campaigns and discuss the role of every board member as a fundraiser.

Marketing & Public Relations: Board members serve as stewards and representatives of the nonprofit. This workshop will discuss presentation, positioning and relationship building for a nonprofit.

Meeting Management: This workshop will discuss the basics of Robert’s rules, including facilitating and running an effective meeting.

Strategic Planning: This workshop will discuss the importance of long-term planning as well as how to build consensus for a strategic vision.



Participants will put into practice what they learn through an internship with a non-profit board, and will regularly attend board meetings and take on assignments to gain experience as a “board-member-in-training.”  The board internship will occur over the course of the 6-month program.  At the conclusion of the internship, participants will have the opportunity to be matched with a nonprofit with an open board position and serve the community.



“In its pilot year, the program exceeded my expectations in terms of a good training curriculum that provides a foundation for non-profit governance. In addition, the excellent internship component allowed me to experience being part of a non-profit board.  This is a great opportunity for professionals interested in making an impact in the Asian community while learning leadership skills and networking with like-minded individuals.”  

– Monica H., Customer Operations Technology Project Manager


“I joined BLP because I wanted to be part of an exciting new program to help me grow my nonprofit leadership skills. BLP is amazing.  It gives you access to a variety of different boards and how they operate.  The workshops systemically analyzed what it meant to be an effective nonprofit board member.  From fundraising, managing inter-board member relationships and strategic planning, the BLP helped me identify areas where I needed to grow.  If you are looking to join the Asian American nonprofit world, the BLP would be the best place to start.”

– Lonnie K., Director of Business Development


“Through the mentoring process, training sessions, and sitting on a non-profit board as an intern, I can enhance my leadership skills to make a profound difference in the Asian American community. In addition, I was able to build a strong bond with my peers in the program.”  

– Stacey L., Business Planning Manager



2017 Board Leadership Program Application


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About Asian American Professional Association (AAPA)

The Asian American Professional Association (AAPA) is a non-profit organization committed to addressing the diversity talent challenge in corporate America.  AAPA focuses on inspiring, developing and promoting Asian American Professionals, minorities and other professionals to maximize their leadership potential.  For over 17 years, more than 75 passionate AAPA Mentors have delivered the award winning AAPA mentoring program to over 1100 Mentees. AAPA’s programs include one-on-one mentoring and effective leadership and management training through speaker sessions, workshops, and special networking events.





About Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF)

Established in 1990, the Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) is focused on transforming lives and meeting the diverse needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community, one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S.  APCF’s mission is to cultivate philanthropists to invest in organizations that empower APIs to prosper by building healthier communities, creating a stronger united voice, developing leaders and providing a foundation for a brighter tomorrow. APCF provides philanthropists with a collaborative approach to raising funds for the API community by offering numerous giving options that align with donor preferences, increasing awareness of community needs, and encouraging active engagement in philanthropy.