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Asian Americans have made significant gains and achievements in the past few decades – in academic success, getting high-paying jobs and high household income. However, how successful are Asian Americans at achieving leadership and management roles in the private and public sector?



–Asian Americans account for only 1.8% of the 1,214 Fortune 100 Board directors seats, in comparison to 7.8% of US populations.

–While Asian-American high-tech workers in Silicon Valley have grown from 38% in 2000 to more than 50 % in 2010, their representation on senior executive teams is only 11 %.

–Even worse, we lost over 48 Asian American corporate executives in recent months and only 4 of those lost jobs were filled by another Asian Americans.


We spent upward of $125,000 on higher education but invest very little in leadership development after we entered into the workforce.


Asian Americans invested in higher education and are high achievers in entry level professional jobs, yet our job satisfaction, career advancement seem stalling as we climb the leadership ladder.


The Asian American Professional Association (AAPA) Mentoring Program is geared to address the diversity challenges in Corporate America, to promote Asian Americans in leadership and management positions, and to inspire and develop Asian Americans to maximize their leadership potential.


Asian American Professional Association (AAPA) is a nonprofit organization that provides an award-winning three-year mentoring program series focused on mentorship and leadership development. The program is open to professionals of all backgrounds and races, and at junior, mid-and advanced career levels, who seek career mobility and inclusion in management and leadership pipelines. AAPA mentors are volunteer executives and educators dedicated to help advance these professionals to become leaders within their organizations and businesses.


For 17 years, more than 75 AAPA Executive Mentors have provided the Award-Winning AAPA Mentorship Program to over 1,000 Mentees, with over 645 hours of instruction and over 4,320 mentoring hours. AAPA delivers results…50% of mentee graduates have received in-line promotions.


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