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Dr. Rita Chuang

Dr. Rita Y Chuang
Orthodontist/Founder, Aspire Admissions Consulting

Rita ChuangRita is an Orthodontist who enjoys designing stunning smiles. She appreciates the profound transformation a smile can make on an individual’s confidence and quality of life. She enjoys coaching and mentoring others to fulfill their highest potential. She is the co-Founder of MD BootCamp and Aspire Admissions Consulting services, helping candidates gain admissions to medical, dental, and professional schools. She has several entrepreneurial projects including AllCoveredNow.com, which provides staffing solutions.

In addition to private practice, Dr. Chuang served as the Clinical Director of the University of Pennsylvania Dental Medicine’s Department of Orthodontics.  Dr. Chuang earned dual degrees in Biological Sciences and Economics from Cornell University, medical training at UCLA and dental training at USC. She also enjoys mentoring the youth through the Big Brother Big Sisters Program and the TAP mentorship program. She speaks several languages, including Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese and Spanish.